Kerri Brydon, Integrative Health Practitioner - Health Coach, Homeopathy Practitioner. 

Hello from the Northern Rivers, NSW.

I run my clinic from my home surrounded by mountains and country air and supply Homeopathic remedies to people in the local Northern NSW/ Southern Gold Coast area as well as all over Australia.

Becoming a mum is what lead me to natural medicine, going through my own health challenges is what lead me to study natural medicine, but losing a parent is what lit the fire within to want to help people live a more healthier life without needing to rely on our "sick care" system. 

I am a certified IHP Health Coach trained by Dr Stephen Cabral- Board Certified Naturopath, Functional Medicine & Integrative Medicine Practitioner. My approach to treating completely changed once I studied Homeopathy, as a Health Coach we look for the root cause of illness but Homeopathy is what can truly provide the deepest cure. 

There is a saying amongst Homeopaths that you don't find Homeopathy, it finds you. And this is exactly what happened for me. 

I could not believe there was such thing as Homeopathy and I knew nothing about it! I enrolled into the first subject of the Advanced Diploma at the end of 2021 while 34 weeks pregnant (lol) and I continue to be fascinated with the power of Homeopathy every day. Alongside the AdvDip I also completed the RMDY Practitioner Training under mentorship of Homeopaths Melissa Kupsch and Peter Berryman as I wanted more specialised guidance on how to bring Homeopathy into my practice and be able to support the issues my clients were already facing. 

Read more about Homeopathy and how I may be able to support you here

Service Offerings

Acute Consultation

Investment $55 / Duration 15-30mins

I'm here to help when you need support with an acute illness such as coughs, colds, flus, fevers, allergic reactions, first aid and assist with remedy selection and dosing.

An acute illness is where symptoms are presenting in response to a one-off, isolated ailment. For an ongoing issue you will need to book a longer consultation as that is a chronic case situation and requires a more detailed case taking.

Remedies are purchased separately and I can post these express or arrange for local pick up / drop off. 

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Initial Consultation

Investment $125 / Duration 60-90mins

This is for new and existing patients requiring a full consult for chronic conditions.

We can cover reoccurring, ongoing health concerns such as skin issues like eczema, psoriasis & herpes, IBS and other digestion issues as well as mental/emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression, burn out, plus much more.

Remedies will be charged separately after the consult and posted to you or local pick up can be arranged.

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Free Discovery Call

$0 / 5-15mins

I offer a complementary 5-15min discovery call to establish whether I can assist you with what you require before you make a booking, as there are some things outside the scope of my practice. 

Please be aware that I am unable to give any health advice or remedy recommendation on a discovery call

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Fertility Program

Investment $660

This option is for a couple wanting to prepare to conceive in the future, trying to conceive now or have been for awhile and also any woman wanting to address cycle or hormone issues from being on the oral contraceptive pill or entering menopause.

This package includes:

  • Initial 90 min consult
  • a check-in consult at 8 weeks
  • a consult at the end of the program
  • all remedies required for the duration of the program, usually between 8-10 remedies
  • email support for 4 months

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Homeopathy Detox Therapy

Investment $250

Homeopathic Detox Therapy is used to clear substances that have caused a negative impact on you or your families health. I use Homeopathic Detox Therapy in cases where someone has "never been well since", or symptoms come and go ever since being exposed to the stressor. Examples of this may be medical interventions, drugs, pharmaceuticals, a virus, the childhood v schedule etc. 

Program includes:

  • initial consultation
  • customised treatment plan
  • all required remedies posted to you
  • email support during the detox timeframe

If this sounds like what you are requiring but want to make sure before booking, please book a complementary discovery call first here

*this program package is for 1 person only. If additional family members need to complete a detox they will need to book their own individual consult (or the parent on behalf of a child) as the program is specific to each person.


Investment $250

I follow the Homeoprophylaxis program created by Dr Isaac Golden, his renowed homoeopathic immunisation program is based on the world’s largest long term HP trial to date. 

What's included:

  • Initial consultation
  • All remedies required to fulfil the 6 year program 
  • Homeoprophylaxis Immunisation Schedule sheet
  • Easy to follow instructions

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE BOOKING: This covers 1 person. If at the time of consultation you decide to add multiple people to do the program there will be an additional cost of $110 per person for extra remedies.

I encourage you to do your own research on this topic, it is not my place to recommend this program and I am simply just here to offer it for those who are seeking this form of immunisation.  If you unsure whether this program is right for you please schedule a discovery call first where I can answer your main questions about the program details. Book here