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Combination Remedy

Combination Remedy

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Combination remedies are a wonderful way to target specific concerns for the home prescriber. A blend of remedies that are all similar in symptoms and compliment each other are combined in one bottle for ease of use. This is an easy option for when multiple remedies cover the same symptoms and you don't have the resources at home to try and test multiple single remedies.

The blends are all single potencies of multiple remedies, some are the original Narayani mixes that were created by a classical homeopath Swami Narayani. Ingredients are listed on each individual bottle. 

Each remedy is available in either 15ml or 30ml. The remedies are in an amber glass bottle with a dropper lid for easy dosing and preserved in organic brandy and the purest distilled water. 

The available remedies are:

Allergy- covers seasonal allergies that produce symptoms such as runny nose, itchy throat & eyes, hives, sneezing and sinus.

Calm- When the entire system, mentally and physically, needs calming. Helps with anxiety, insomnia, when stuck in fight or flight mode, nervousness, worry. It is like taking a "chill pill".

Colic- support for unsettled infants. Baby may have hiccups, rumbling in the abdomen, trapped wind or showing signs of being uncomfortable or in pain. I highly recommend mama takes the Calm blend to help her relax during this tricky time navigating a newborn who is unsettled.

Constipation- no urge to go, stool is hard to pass or is dry and pebble-like.

Cough- covers most cough symptoms associated with a head cold or flu. If the cough is associated with asthma or any lung, chest and bronchial conditions look at the Lung & Chest Mix instead. 

Croup- these remedies are specific for a croup cough. Can be used as a preventative for those prone to developing croup when sick with a cold first.

Emotional Support- this is a blend that was created for the Mama Kit but can be helpful for anyone who experiences irregular emotions associated to hormonal changes. Helpful in pregnancy and for the early postpartum baby blues.

Flu- for symptoms associated with fevers and influenza. It supports the immune system. Can be used alongside the Sore Throat, Lung & Chest or Sinus remedies if there is a more predominately affected area. 

Gastro- for the "stomach flu" where there is food poisoning, vomiting, fever, diarrhoea, cramps, nausea.

Headache- there are many different remedies for headaches and if they occur frequently I suggest booking a consult as there may be an underlying cause. This particular blend covers the headache that is throbbing, frontal, temple, constricted feeling, may have nausea, worse from movement.

Head Cold Blend- covers symptoms associated with a common head cold. Heavy head feeling, headache, either congestion or copious amounts of mucus.

Healing Blend- for healing after injuries, birth, dental procedures, surgery. 

Immunity Blend- when the body is at a low ebb, this could be due to illness or if antibiotics and/or other pharmaceuticals have been used. It boosts the immune system and holds any infection at bay. 

Infection Blend- all fevers associated with an infection anywhere in the body either internally or externally. 

Labour Support- assist with fear or anxiety in childbirth, exhaustion, ineffectual contractions, restlessness, shock from a traumatic or quick delivery. 

Lung & Chest Blend- All lung, chest, asthma and bronchial conditions.

Mastitis Support- engorgement, mastitis, blocked ducts, inflammation, heat, redness, lumps, sore and cracked nipples.

Nutrition Blend- For nutritional deficiency post-illness, run down symptoms caused by lack of a nutritious diet or bad dietary habits. Within this blend is the Combination 12- the twelve tissue salts, along with other remedies to boost the entire system.

Sinus Blend- For all sinus complaints such as pain, congestion, post nasal drip, allergies and hayfever causing sinus complaints. If infected use the Infection remedy.

Sleep- all sleep problems. Calming and quietening (the mind and body) for restful sleep.

Sore Throat Blend- covers all throat and tonsil conditions. If infected use with the Infection blend.

Tongue Tie Release Support- for pain relief and recovery after a tongue tie release procedure.

Worms blend- If you suspect worms are affecting your family's health, this blend works really well on the common worms kids get. I highly encourage a consultation if worms keep reappearing as lifestyle and diet adjustments will need to be considered.   

If you would like to purchase a collection of 10 blends in a protective storage case it works out to be $15 a bottle, you can find them here 

If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek individual Homeopathic or medical advice before use. I am unable to consult on whether this remedy is right for you via email or instagram. If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice from a Homeopath or medical professional. You can book an acute consult online if you require more personalised advice for these first aid remedies. 

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